As a wee lad of much younger than 10 years of age I wanted to learn to dive, and in pursuit of underwater adventure I bought a Calypso mask. I forgot about that mask until my Mom found it, minus the strap, in a stored box of my childhood belongings.

Because I was small for my age, and remained so for much of my childhood, my parents made me wait to take dive lessons until I became large enough to carry the dive gear. When I was 15 years old my parents relented and my buddy for the certification course was my father.

I never lost my love for diving, and have been diving in a cavern, canyon, river, lakes, ponds, ocean, under ice, warm water, cold water, summer, winter, spring. For some time I was a "tech diver" pursuing mixed gas certification, but things happened (neck injuries not the least significant) and ultimately I can no longer pursue that aspect of the sport. I am now a "single tank numpty"; I told someone "I am carrying less than half the equipment I did in the past, and am enjoying the diving twice as much."

The first GM website had a rather extensive dive related section which has been preserved in its original layout and format, with updated content. This sub-domain contains those pages (including pictures of dive gear), and this page describes two pieces of dive gear I invented.

This is a Youtube video of moi recovering lobster traps from the Piscataqua River, for my friend (skipper of the boat).

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